Delaware Roads - Old Capitol Trl./old DE 2

Old Capitol Trail, former DE 2

The western segment of Old Capitol Trail has its east end at this stub, cut off by DE 7.

WB across Red Clay Creek on the 1931 Marshallton Bridge into Marshallton.

EB Marshallton Bridge parapet detail.

Unusual and somewhat old signals WB at Newport Rd. 12" red is more old than unusual, but 8" arrows (the two leftmost signals facing the viewer) are unusual indeed.

Until 2015, and I took these photos in 2013, DE 62 EB began here at old DE 2, while DE 41 was found just to the north along Newport Gap Pike. In 2015, DE 62 was finally extended to the modern DE 2, rendering the second photo inaccurate.

Modern DE 2

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