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You almost get a sense of what a Hundred is (look it up, like I would have to do, but I'm lazy and you're already online since you're reading this). The first photo is on the south side of DE 42, and the second with the sign ID tag is on Old Baltimore Pike near Maryland.

A Canadian sign illegally immigrates to Downs Chapel Rd., EB from Sewell Bridge Rd.

Embossed, old-style street signs in Tavistock, no route number though.

Northbound at Smith's Bridge on the eponymous road, just south of Pennsylvania. Click any part of this caption to take a video drive.

Southbound at Smith's Bridge, which was built recently (2002) but on the original 1839 piers.

Rolling Mill Rd. NB passing the Wooddale Bridge in Hockessin, over Red Clay Creek. The original 1850 bridge was destroyed by a flood in 2003, so this is a modern replica that serves as the only access to the Foxhill Lane development.

Ambleside Drive EB and WB at Westminster Bridge, built 1960 across Hyde Run specifically for this subdivision.

A small development northwest of Newark, tucked inside the MD and PA borders, is named Covered Bridge Farms, and is accessed via Covered Bridge Lane. Guess what you will find there? Photos are EB and WB across East Branch Christina River at the Wedgewood Rd. entrance.

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