Delaware Roads - I-495

Trivia tidbit: I-495 was numbered 95 when I-95 was being rebuilt in Wilmington, and 95 was I-895. Probably because Wilmington didn't want to give up its major Interstate, 95 came back when all was said and done, even though I-495 is by far the better through route. Now it has ugly bubble shields that make you want to stay on I-95.

This leads to I-95's Exit 5 as I-495 SB ends. It should just be numbered Exit 0 from I-495.

It's not working here, but I-495 has these variable speed limits, I suppose for some form of inclement weather or collision. There shouldn't be much other reason to lower the speed limit - even during "rush hour", this through route remains pretty much unimpeded.

The sun rises over Delaware. Most of the state is more scenic than this.

The front and back of the southbound slatted sign.

And the northbound one. These are up high on a viaduct over the Port of Wilmington, so between the height and proximity of the river, there must be plenty of shearing wind.

And now, a working speed limit sign. As you can see, it's fueled by solar power during the day, and stores enough power to last the night. (I assume there's some manner of backup system for consecutive cloudy days.)

My best results from trying to photograph the I-295 Delaware Memorial Bridge through the utilities alongside I-495.

Approaching the end of the road NB, it's obvious that "North" is misplaced, but it's less obvious whether there's another error here. From this angle, I can't tell if there's exposed sheetmetal on the left and right sides of both signs or if those are reflective white strips. Either one would be bad sign design.

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