Delaware Roads - I-295/US 40

I-295 and I-295/US 40

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, on the I-295 SB left split (i.e. the end). DE 141 is the next exit on I-95, but gets enough traffic that it's better to discourage weaving (i.e. having all 295 traffic merge with 95 first). The arrow should be straight at the bottom before curving.

On the ramp from I-95 NB to I-295 NB, why is one side yellow and one side green, and why are the shields in different places?

You'll find plenty more shields just like this in Rhode Island.

I-295 doesn't have exit numbers in Delaware, probably because they'd all be lettered versions of Exit 1, and most people aren't using I-295 to get to, say, DE 9 or US 13. Quite a lot of lanes here, and an abnormally low speed limit (50 on a clear day). The first photo, with the cool airport shield, is SB dropping off US 40 WB, and the second is NB.

Thanks to the wonders of modern sign-printing technology, the little CBBT and ferry shields have been expanded into a huge SB sign just before the US 13/40 exit, and that sign even comes with an outlined US 13 shield. The question raised by this sign is why anyone would spend a few dollars to cross into Delaware only to spend a lot more and cross back into New Jersey.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge sees a lot of weekend traffic to the Delaware and Maryland shores from NJ and NY, which is why it was twinned in 1968 (having opened in 1951). The unusual aspect of the twin bridges is that they are 250 feet apart, which is considerable - the median of I-295 in Delaware has official government buildings in it!

Apparently this is one of those really scary bridges, like the Mackinac Bridge on I-75 in Michigan, where people have trouble making it over, so they'll drive your car for you.

Views of the bridge from Battery Park in New Castle.

Northbound on the original span.

Continuing the SB progression across the bridge from the New Jersey page.

Back into New Jersey at sunset.

More sunset to the south and west, behind Delaware River and the twinkling lights of New Castle.

More of a different sunset over my shoulder, first before and then on the NB bridge.

Click this video to drive the Delaware Memorial Bridge southbound into Delaware.

Click this sentence to drive the Delaware Memorial Bridge northbound out of Delaware.
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