Delaware Roads - DE 92

DE 92

Adams Dam Rd. WB, where DE 100 bumps and spawns DE 92. The northernmost east-west state route in Delaware, DE 92 is also notable as the only number that both doesn't fit the grid and doesn't match up to the state highway number in an adjacent state. Notice here how Delaware can't get two shields to look the same - the oval on the left is the newer style (borrowed from NJ), while the center stretched circle (take out 12" and it'd be a circle) is the disappearing traditional style.

You can tell how old Thompsons Bridge Road is by the stone wall along the side, and by the way it faithfully follows the rolls of the countryside without curving the road or flattening the roadbed.

Ridge Rd. SB, fresh out of Pennsylvania, with mismatched FHWA Series C and D fonts. Ridge Rd. is the continuation of US 13 from Pennsylvania, but the actual 13 turned off in South Chester, and Ridge isn't so much as an ALT or BUS route despite being under a half-mile away at all times. (Don't let Google or other maps fool you on the identity of Ridge Rd.)

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