Delaware Roads - DE 7/DE 4

DE 7 and DE 4/7

The south end of the old Stanton-Christiana Road alignment, original DE 7. Since DE 4 was also rerouted, this now intersects both routes (and bike routes).

Here's the stub of original DE 4, Ogletown-Stanton Rd., cut off by the modern highway.

NB (first) and SB (2 photos) at this slice of history, George Washington's "General Staff HQ".

NB (first) and SB (2 photos) at this slice of slightly less history under the Northeast Corridor. It's clear why DE 4/7 was rerouted.

The road ends just before White Clay Creek, but it obviously used to cross as a highway mainline. Let's get out of the car, then.

Walking north, I come across the 1941 DE 4/7 bridge, open and welcome to pedestrians. It was bypassed in the 1980s by the current bridge, meaning that DE 4/7 had that ungodly low railroad clearance well into the modern era. (Interesting side note: DE 1 wasn't built south from DE 7 until the 1990s, so there were several years when DE 7 was a high-quality road past I-95 and the Christiana Mall before tying into nothing.)

Looking east from the bridge, looking south along the bridge.

More photos from all angles on the north side of the creek.

This path and a school bus depot are the only reasons to sign the way out to DE 4/7 from the dead-end stub.

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