Delaware Roads - DE 5

DE 5

DE 5, ahem, southbound, jogging over from Indian Mission Road (DE 24 is legitimately east-west), and then on its own on Oak Orchard Road. DE 5 ends in Oak Orchard, giving up when it hits the Indian River Bay.

Alt. DE 24 EB, Hollyville Road, at DE 5, where my expert camera skills present to you a whimsical conundrum. Oh, when to proceed? Luckily for you, dear motorist, those "signals" are naught but blinkers, at least for now, and I do hope that if the situation ever changes, the STOP signs are removed. Alt. DE 24 was a temporary route created for construction, and after a few years of being signed, disappeared again. Similar routes pop up and disappear over the years, although the Alt. DE 5 you're about to see is permanent. There was very little Alt. 24 signage when I was out there, but I didn't take a photo of the shield I saw on Zoar Rd., not realizing it would become historical.

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