Delaware Roads - DE 4

Just west of DE 7, this heads north on a short connector to Ogletown-Stanton Rd., the old DE 4 alignment.

Heading east on the dead-end stub of old DE 4.

Heading back west, with closer looks at the northern and southern bridge parapets, yielding a date of 1929.

You can see where DE 4 used to go west from here.

First eastbound, with a thick arrow complementing the narrow 141 shield; the 3di shields are bubbles (expanded 2di shields). Then on the northbound onramp, where the sign presents so many problems that I'll just spell out the actual situation: This is the onramp to DE 141 North, which leads to Fairfax. It also leads to DE 41 North, which runs toward Hockessin. The sign should be twice as big to hold all this information, but it's converted from before the birth of DE 141, when the freeway was DE 41 alone (thanks to Alex Nitzman for that info).

This disappeared since 2007.

DE 62 EB at DE 4, where it does not end, but rather continues to a lonely end at Dupont Road. Dupont Road to the north, starting at DE 4 (not coincidentally, since there's no surface route closer to the water), is DE 100, but I don't believe 100 ever extended south to meet DE 62 (even before this became 62, which is when 141 was constructed). Another fun fact, based on the last two photos: until 2015, DE 62 and DE 41 both approached DE 2 on Newport Gap Pike, and both ended within 1/4 mile of the DE 2 intersection without even meeting each other, let alone ending at each other. DE 41 had a useless multiplex with 2 over to 141 and ended at that interchange, while DE 62 ended at the old DE 2 (even though the new one was already open and probably had been for some time), Old Capitol Trail. Both of these were rectified in 2015, when DE 41 was truncated and DE 62 was extended to end at each other at DE 2.

Jackson St. serves I-95 faithfully as its southbond frontage road through Wilmington, but all good things must come to an end. As it always has done, Jackson ends at Maryland Ave., while I-95 crosses the railroad tracks on its way to Miami. Guess what? Maryland Ave. happens to be DE 4, which ironically never makes it into Maryland at all (it did when it followed Chestnut Hill Road all the way), and this sign is located there! As a bonus factoid, the shield atop this page is at the same intersection.

The first westbound shield is one of two or at most three with DEL on it. It's very hard to spot, right after leaving DE 48 high up on a pole. Hopefully it's still hard for DelDOT to spot. Click for closeup.

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