Delaware Roads - DE 300

DE 300

The ugliest one-piece shields to be found anywhere in the state. The "6" could easily be twice as large if it had adequate white space to expand into. And notice that the black backgrounds are compromises - not quite square for the 6, not quite rectangular enough for the 300. DE 6 used to go straight here, and straight leads to the rest of 6, but now it bypasses downtown Smyrna and has a duplex with US 13 (click to see another one-piece assembly on DE 6).

DE 300 ends here, while DE 6 gets to continue on US 13 back to its original alignment. By the way, this is eastbound on 6 - so much for directional banners, which may be a help when determining which 13 you want.... Except for the font, shield size, lack of banners, the wrong US shield shapes, and undersized arrows, there's nothing wrong here. Oh, and lack of maintenance. I think that covers it.

A one-piece sign with incorrectly dimensioned banners and shields that are struggling to decide how wide they should be, but compared to the others on this page, I'll take this DE 44 WB sign hands down.

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