Delaware Roads - DE 30

DE 30

Random scenery shot.

DE 30 enjoys its last moments as an east-west route in Millsboro. Once it breaks away from DE 24, 30 is a north-south route the rest of the way. DE 11 is available, just saying. The second photo is WB at State St., probably former US 113.

DE 16 EB at DE 30 outside Milton, where the rectangular (similar in shape to NY 9R, and about as useful) DE 5 ALT turns. Had it not been for the TRUCK banner, I would not have taken this photo, but that's just one too many banners for a shield. Either rename the route to DE 5 TRUCK, or just tell trucks on DE 16 to follow ALT 5. (Heck, they'd already be doing it by going straight, just say "TRUCKS TURN RIGHT to SOUTH 5.")

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