Delaware Roads - DE 299

DE 299 continues along a long duplex, and splits off of US 301 just shy of the Maryland border to enter MD as MD 282. What, you thought it would be MD 299? Too bad, MD 299 was truncated to US 301 further south, and MD 282 extended to the state line from their former intersection. The 301 on the left is typical older Delaware font, while the one on the right is FHWA/MUTCD standard.

I like having the TOLL banner above the route; it's something other states should consider to make it clear that cheapskates should keep right on going. First photo WB, second EB, as are all the rest of the photos on this page.

Never before have I seen a series of signals used instead of curve warning signs.

The signmaker started falling asleep as he drew the 9's on the sign...

Oops, the arrow should be for the through highway.

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