Delaware Roads - DE 15

DE 15

All photos are southbound.

DE 15, McKee Road, at Scarborough Road in Fox Hall (outside Dover). The old road is McKee itself; DE 15 now curves left to intersect Scarborough at a T, and then traffic following DE 15 by turning right is back on McKee Road again. DE 15 makes enough turns on its way down from Summit Bridge to Milford; it doesn't need an extra one to be created here. Almost all of the 24 turns are signed in both directions (at least one northbound sign is missing).

This sign is paired with one on DE 8. I wouldn't call it old, but as you can tell, they used to read 896 (in ovals, too) instead of 8. And I'm pretty certain 896 never came this far south, and there are no similar signs to be found along 896 (which only meets 15 at its northern end).

Imagine that, DE 15 turning away from a multiplex? (Switch the WEST and ALT here, for accuracy.)

US 301 and DE 15/US 301

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