Delaware Roads - DE 141

DE 141

US 202 was moved from the center of Wilmington to bypass it via I-95 and DE 141. In other words, this is a unique contractor goof (well, there were originally four total, but three were almost immediately removed, according to Alex Nitzman).

The entrance from Exit 5, DE 62 via Centerville Road. Shield should be wider; this matches another BGS on DE 4 at Exit 4.

Centerville Road SB, same spot - south of here, it's the northbound frontage road for DE 141, so traffic has to jog over to original DE 41, the Newport Gap Pike. To the right, the end of Boxwood Road, is really TO SOUTH 141. Note the different fonts for DE 62.

One last perspective from this exit, DE 141 SB. Both of these roads are DE 62, so there's one error, but the more glaring one is the bottom yellow panel. Delaware's standard language would be "MUST EXIT 1400 FEET," but this reads "MUST 1400 EXIT FEET." Any English majors want to tackle that one?

If you can't tell, the freeway is ending here. If you can't tell, Exit 6B should be for West DE 2 and North DE 41, not just West and North.

If you can't tell (OK, I'll stop), DE 141 is being widened to a four-lane boulevard with turn lanes north of the end of the freeway. Another section of widening, just south of US 202, has been completed. After this project wraps up, the only step to completing the DE 141 upgrades will be replacing or dualizing the two-lane Brandywine Creek bridge.

SB at the freeway's beginning.

DE 100/141 SB by an old shield and an old plate number.

Southbound at DE 100, prior to 2006 and then in 2013; note the different shapes for the "ovals" and the different fonts used thereon before the assembly was broken apart.

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