Delaware Roads - DE 14

DE 14

This is a compromise assembly. It's halfway between the 3-digit widths required by US 113 (some states wouldn't require this, especially for a number with two 1's) and the two-digit width required by DE 14. The US 113 shields look nice at this width, but since DE route shields are square, this oblate spheroid stands out like a wet planet between two dry ones.

Embossed, EB, Milford.

I keep debating whether this is on DE 14 WB between DE 1 and Milford, or on DE 36, or somewhere else in the state. For the purpose of having this page, I stick it here. (Oh, if only someone could find my trip notes from Memorial Day 2007!) This is undoubtedly the last left of its kind, with a Superman shape and an ancient font similar to that used in New England at the time. I would guess 1950's based on the curvy "Delaware", certainly before the 1960's got into gear.

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