Delaware Roads - DE 100

DE 100

DE 100/DE 141 SB by an old shield and an old plate number. Plates are issued sequentially in Delaware and numbers can be sold or inherited, so this one goes back many decades although the plate is a modern issue intended to recreate the old look for low numbers.

Well, almost. This hasn't been DE 100 for a few years now, as the truck bypass of Westover Hills (via DE 141 and DE 48) has become permanent. Dupont Road has been left numberless north of DE 48, as has Montchanin Road between DE 52 and DE 141. This photo is Dupont Road SB, and doubtless these signs date to when this was a reassurance for DE 100 SB. In fact, DE 100 goes both ways here, extending to a half-mile what was once a one-block jog.

Westover Hills adorns Dupont Road with old-fashioned street signs, and these two examples are genuinely old.

The northern end of Dupont Road, and another former reassurance shield (in this case, both directions of DE 100 are somewhat to the left).

Adams Dam Rd. WB at the beginning of DE 92. DE 100 jogs here, and the new southbound shield smiles at you through its glasses. It's a new shield because it's an oval; all of the old shields (such as the ones on old 100, Dupont Road) are stretched circles, with tangents on the top and bottom.

Adams Dam Rd. EB under a railroad, approaching DE 100.

Heading north to Pennsylvania. At the border, PA 100 no longer exists, having been truncated to West Chester. The old road north to the US 202 cutoff is similarly curvy and narrow to this, and somehow doesn't meet Pennsylvania's primary route standards (I say somehow, because I've seen plenty of Pennsylvania by now).

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