Delaware Roads - DE 10/Alt. 10

DE 10 and Alt. DE 10

Older shield on DE 10 EB.

Two different ways of signing ALT DE 10 - spelling the ALT out is the older fashion, but putting the directional banner underneath it is just plain wrong. Well, that's alright, because these photos are really both eastbound, so DelDOT will have to do some rearrangement anyway. (The westbound assembly here has it correct, meaning somewhere else in Delaware there is an EAST in the wrong place, assuming these things work out in the end.)

A less common, but arguably the most up-to-date and correct, way of signing ALT 10. There are only a few one-piece shield assemblies around DE, and this one is the best-looking of all. The former US 113 Business is a few feet ahead (US 113 itself has been truncated back to the DE 1 split, and thus doesn't need a Business route into Dover).

Former US 113 SB at DE 1, which has taken over here since the Dover bypass was completed. The continuation of ex-113 makes a right onto DE 10 WB, and then one would follow a loop ramp onto DE 1 SB (to the right in this photo). Compare this to the previous photo of a one-piece assembly - the directional banners and arrow signs are far too narrow, making these signs very hard to see, especially at a time like twilight.

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