D.C. Roads - Pennsylvania Ave.

Pennsylvania Avenue

EB approaching Barney Circle, where I-295 silently ends (at least now) at a freeway stub underneath Pennsylvania Ave. These signs are certainly from the 1970's at the latest, when I-395 was still designated I-95. My first theory is that this sign was intended to keep traffic on the part of I-295 that was never built, which would merge back into I-95 (also unbuilt) to the north. My second theory, somewhat less plausible given the distance from the interchange, is that this is taking traffic to DC 295 across the river. I'm going with the more interesting theory.

Looking east from Barney Circle and west from DC 295 at the John Philip Sousa Bridge across the Anacostia River.

EB across the bridge to the east shore. No, the first photo did not come out well, but there's a normal shield in the middle paired with BGS's that name the freeway with no number (reflecting an earlier time when freeway names without numbers were acceptable for signage). The normal shield contrasts with a very screwed-up shield and a screwed up signal sign at 28th St. SE. First of all, the three corners are at right angles. Start from there and draw a decent shield, then add Highway Gothic font. Second of all, you don't need a signal advance sign when there's a traffic signal right there - and a block or two before, and a few blocks ahead, etc. Third of all, don't install it upside-down (notice two bolt holes filled). And finally, definitely don't install it upside-down when you have a signal right there that you can compare it to.

As bad as the DC 295 shield was, at least it had the route designation right. These WB signs get the wrong font and the wrong shield wrapped up into one. Oh, and while there is indeed an I-295 in the DC area, it's to the south, not north.

Then you get onto the ramp, and there's a railroad crossing? But why no crossbucks? No flashing lights or gates, either? Because there are no rails in the road anymore, and all that's left is a pair to the east disappearing into the trees. Probably for the better.

So this is better, right? No, it's still DC 295 here, even though it does soon become I-295. It is also not better that bicyclists are newly allowed to run over pedestrians. I hope that's only during construction. I hope all of these signs are only during construction.

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