D.C. Roads - Independence Ave.

Independence Avenue

EB on the Kutz Bridge crossing the Tidal Basin south of the National Mall. The second and third photos respectively look toward the southwest shore of the basin at Ohio Dr. near the Jefferson Memorial and toward the southeast where Basin Dr. and 14th St. (US 1) cross Washington Channel. If 14th St. looks backed up, well, these photos were taken on July 4th with some interesting traffic patterns in place.

EB at the Maine Ave. split. It's brown because it's in a national park, but that doesn't explain the bubble shield.

Some more shields of old and odd variety WB at 15th St. SW (Raoul Wallenberg Pl. alongside the Bureau of Engraving and Printing) and then on 15th St. SB.

A bunch of WB signs needing help at New Jersey Ave./Capitol Plaza. Do you know what it takes to obey the law?

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