D.C. Roads - L'Enfant Promenade

L'Enfant Promenade

Welcome to the short block that time forgot. It's part of a parking garage, and located underneath the main Promenade that passes over I-395 and D St. Maybe because it's entirely hidden from the sun, its signage has been entirely hidden from replacement. These signs are westbound at either end of the Promenade, the first on an extended ramp from I-395 WB that also carries 7th St. SW traffic and the second on D St. SW.

Northbound on the lower Promenade. You can tell these are old signs from the arrows, the rogue hyphen, and, oh, the highway designation that's been dead for 33 years and counting. These are by no means the only I-95 district name shields hanging around, but some of the others are really newer trailblazers to the modern highway in Maryland and Virginia. This, here, is pertinent to the Southwest Freeway that now carries the I-395 designation. Follow that link at the bottom of the page, because I give more of a history of I-95 in DC there. The I-295 shield indicates following I-95 north to I-695 (another unbuilt highway) to head south or east in Maryland versus north via 95.

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D St. EB exiting the Promenade at 9th St., a tunnel used by US 1 SB traffic (though not officially the route, SB traffic can't follow 1 when it turns left onto 14th St.).

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