D.C. Roads - DC 295

DC 295 doesn't turn into MD 295 as one might expect; first it turns into MD 201 (Kenilworth Ave.), and then the Baltimore-Washington Parkway splits off unnumbered (but secretly 295) when it's Federally maintained. Technically, the B-W Parkway follows US 50 from the Kenilworth Ave. Freeway to the DC line, which is why MD 201 comes into play (albeit unsigned). Before I-95 was built between the DC and Baltimore Beltways, the entirety of the 295/B-W/295 highway was signed TO I-95 in both directions.

Kenilworth Ave. SB, the frontage roads for DC 295, just south of the DC border where the route begins. Click on each photo for a closeup with flash.

Actually, I-295 doesn't begin here, southbound at the end of DC 295. I-295 comes in from the right, where it's coming from I-695 (the Southeast Freeway) via the 11th Street Bridge. The correct signage would read "END DC 295" "SOUTH I-295" (or just surreptitiously let people follow the new shield without announcing it).

A bunch more shields to tide you over, at the following merges: Pennsylvania Ave., Capitol St., Benning Rd.

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