D.C. Roads - Arlington Memorial Bridge

Arlington Memorial Bridge

Southward view of the bridge across the Potomac River to Arlington National Cemetery.

Facing southbound at the end of Rock Creek Parkway at the Lincoln Memorial Circle, to which the Arlington Memorial Bridge connects. These were cast in bronze in Milan in 1950 and were donated by Italy to the United States as a gift, I suppose in gratitude for defeating the guy who modernized their country and "made the trains run on time." Well, he wasn't such a great guy after all. But these seem to be backhanded gifts. What do I mean by that?

Facing the entrance to Rock Creek Pkwy., on the left is Music and Harvest and on the right is Aspiration and Literature. Apparently all of these concepts are best represented by winged horses. I don't really get it. Some gifts these are.

Continuing around Lincoln Memorial Circle toward the Arlington Memorial Bridge, two more Italian statues guard the entrance to the bridge itself. Let's see if these make any more sense.

This time, on the left is valor and on the right is sacrifice. So, it's valiant to be naked? At least there are people this time and the horses are horses.

And finally, looking across the bridge to Arlington and the famous National Cemetery. Hence the "Memorial" in the bridge name.

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