Connecticut Roads - US 7 - S. of Danbury

US 7 south of Danbury

Starting at West Ave. NB in Norwalk, and proceeding northward to the Exit 1 ramp.

West Ave. roughly parallels US 7 for the first mile, so here's another assembly at Wall St. (right) and Belden Ave. (follow the signs toward Exit 1). Merritt Pkwy. shields are supposed to be blue and not shaped exactly the same as US highways.

More NB signs. The height of the supports for the Expressway Ends sign signals to me that they were designed to hold an Exit 4 advance sign (for Grist Mill Rd., the current end of the freeway). Exit 3 has a brief C-D road to allow CT 15 NB traffic to merge within the half-cloverleaf.

The complete SB signage run for the Norwalk freeway.

Coming to the NB freeway end at a gigantic stone wall, with a homemade double-arrow on top. If it seems unnatural, it is - it's a huge Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall that's designed to hold back megatons of dirt. Now, what's all that dirt doing there? The answer is coming in a future update, but suffice to say, the only reason to pile dirt 30-40 feet high on top of level ground is to compact it enough to build something on top of it. Think of what you might build at the end of a freeway stub, and if your answer is anything other than "freeway," you're not a roadgeek.

Grist Mill Rd. WB, pressed into service as US 7, at the same spot.

MA-style thin borders instead of CT-style thick ones, NB and SB respectively.

Unique old shields, SB leaving CT 102.

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