Connecticut Roads - US 7/202 - N. of Brookfield/CT 4

, US 7/202/CT 4, north of Brookfield

We start at the northern end of the northern Danbury freeway (page linked at the bottom of this one), where US 7 and US 202 paired as a surface road for some distance north. US 7 was finally brought onto an extended freeway here, and was just copping a ride with 202 until recently because it was a bum and couldn't get its own alignment. Photo is WB/SB as the two routes split.

We continue with a state route shield error.

The northern end of the US 202 duplex. CT 67 begins on this side of the Housatonic River, but begins multiplexed with US 202 and doesn't break free until the east side. Usually the trick is to sign the route from one side but only officially begin it after it actually is its own road. Not here.

SB at the same spot.

Every sign has an inner Helvetica yearning to get out. Usually, the inner Helvetica is burnt to a fiery crisp without ever seeing the light of day. I weep for these signs' souls.

The Bulls Bridge in Kent, facing west. Click on the photo for an eastbound video crossing.

Yes, I said the Bulls Bridge is in Kent, so why (continuing northward) do we only now come to Kent? See, Kent itself is quite big, but the central town thingy known as Kent is right here. There are other town thingies within Kent. I'd be more specific than "thingy", but every state likes to use different terminology (in NJ, the outer Kent would be a township, and the inner one would be a town or village).

US 7 borrows CT 4 to jump across the Housatonic River in Cornwall Bridge. This looks south on the river, but the real scenery is down below.

River Rd. NB passing underneath US 7/CT 4, which does indeed look much more interesting from this angle. You can't even tell it's an old bridge when you're on it.

This old church or other community building is just north of the bridge on River Rd., on the east shore of the Housatonic.

And back SB on River Rd. later in the day.

Rounding out this page with more northbound photos, three US shields where there should only be two. There is no CT 7A, for no apparent reason, but at the border, the old Ashley Falls alignment to the left becomes MA 7A, which is quite distinct from US 7A. There is no US 7A at all, anywhere, making this an obvious sign error.

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