Connecticut Roads - US 5

US 5

Berlin Tpk., US 5/CT 15

This fine specimen was near the south end of Hartford Tpk. at Davis St. in Hamden until December 2014, removed just days before my visit, so I am relying on Doug Kerr for this photo (separated into top and bottom). Both Routes 5A and 10A disappeared in the 1960s.

SB signage for the Exit 6 onramp.

US 5 SB past a short CT 22 multiplex to Dixwell Ave., which leads to CT 40 southbound to I-91. Truck CT 22 appears to involve CT 40 south from CT 10 and US 5 north back to CT 22; 22 begins at 10 and heads east. US 5 used to multiplex in the opposite direction with CT 22 to the Hartford Turnpike, which is now CT 150 from Wallingford to Meriden before 5 merges back in. In fact, originally there may have been no multiplex, depending on the history of Lake Whitney. It cut off an old piece of the Hartford Turnpike, which otherwise continues straight on into downtown New Haven just west of modern US 5.

Southbound in Meriden. Photos 3-5, progressively closer views of the spire in the middle of US 5 (Broad St.), are at the actual CT 66 (Main St.); the first sign is for I-691 EB but that quickly ends at I-91 and then transitions into CT 66 EB.

US 5 SB where it turns to join CT 15 on the Wilbur Cross Highway. They become the Berlin Turnpike together, and then US 5 remains on the surface.

On the other end of the CT 15 concurrency, US 5 comes down to Main St. (secret CT 517 to the south) and its first NB intersection is at US 5 SB, which uses East River Drive Extension (Silver Lane/secret CT 502 to the east) to get onto CT 15 SB. Making this left is technically therefore a U-turn.

Commonplace button copy at the NB freeway entrance ramp.

These photos frame the US 5/US 44 duplex. The first two RIDOT-enhanced photos are on US 5 SB/US 44 WB, where US 44 heads to the right toward Hartford. The last photo is on US 5 NB/US 44 EB.

Southbound into the reverse-colored East Windsor Hill (with a lower-case Connecticut, just in case you thought the signmakers could do anything right).

NB and SB at the Exit 44 trumpet, which was to have been the northern end of I-284. (But there's no I-284, you think, and I reply, I have a page on it anyway, because I'm awesome.)

US 5 is being widened in Enfield, or was once wider and since narrowed, or was never wider but was planned to be wider. Pick one. The sidewalks are set back enough to allow four lanes, or two lanes with parking. My guess is that before I-91 was constructed, US 5 was four lanes through Enfield, and then was scaled back once the freeway was built. Why the extra lane wasn't turned into parking is anyone's guess.

NB at the last I-91 interchange in the state.

SB just below Massachusetts.

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