Connecticut Roads - US 1 - S of New Haven

south of New Haven

Southbound at Old Church Road, a new shield with a flower (the old ones were plainer).

Old Post Road #6 can't be signed with the correct font, but it can be used as a southbound jughandle in Cos Cob. Yes, there are at least five other cases in Fairfield County where Old Post Road deviates slightly from US 1.

Tresser Blvd. (US 1) SB in Stamford at I believe Atlantic Street.

CT 136 heads east along the coast for awhile, turning north and south by turns and even curling around back northwest, so it makes no sense to sign it as "North," even if the eastern leg does in fact head that general direction.

Both southbound; if the WEST shield isn't old enough for you, maybe this peeling 60's specimen in the Darien-Noroton area is.

Most of my photos are SB, so have some NB shields at Old Kings Hwy. in Darien and Scribner Ave. in Norwalk.

US 1 SB in Norwalk. All old stuff; the second photo is at US 7's SB onramp, and the third points to West Ave. underneath the US 7 freeway.

In the meantime, up popped this construction sign on US 1 SB over US 7, between the first and second photos above. Riverside Avenue is a short connector from CT 123 to US 1, and like in New York, when an arterial connects two state highways, it's assigned a secret state route number. The contractor outed this one, though.

NB and SB; CT 123 goes to US 7 Exit 2. Why traffic hasn't already gotten on at Exit 1 (US 1) beats me, though this sign is most likely before the construction of US 7 north of Exit 2 (CT 123 was US 7 pre-freeway). Note the EAST and WEST designations for US 1, very much not in eastern CT where most of them still live (though I've uncovered many more west of New Haven, as you'll see).

SB, not WB, at CT 53, where if you turn left you get smacked repeatedly by an ugly stick. Or at least that I-95 shield did.

The only reason this correctly reads US 1 NB is because some genius decided to just switch the NORTH and EAST. Of course, since CT 53 doesn't go east, the switch still doesn't work. Or else it was wrong from the get-go.

Even Stew Leonard's can't get the directions of US 1 correct, and the western part of the state switched from E-W to N-S before the eastern part did!

Southbound (formerly westbound, as you see) in Westport, with the second photo above the Saugatuck River. Remember CT 136 from before? It's a legitimate route now.

Secret CT 476, the Sherwood Island Connector, north from I-95 to its end here. Still east-west in 2014.

I don't have years for these Michael Summa photos, but I do know they're in Fairfield. The first one with an original aluminum one-way sign appears to be the extension of the I-95 NB Exit 19 ramp (Rennell Dr.) at US 1 NB, and may date to 1977. The second one is elsewhere in Fairfield, perhaps at Old Post Rd./Post Rd./Kings Highway, appears to be EB, and may date to 1970 or 1971 (when Michael was in CT with B&W film).

US 1 SB heading away from CT 59. The errors continue...

NB in Bridgeport.

More Bridgeport, from a southbound cross street and then southbound on 1.

Plenty of now-incorrect directional signage, heading SOUTHbound from Milford into Stratford, where US 1 turns from Barnum Ave. onto Boston Ave.

In 2012, I-95 was under construction through Exit 33. These photos head south from CT 110 to either U-turn back to US 1 NB or to head straight onto the onramp. US 1 SB bears right.

If you chose "U-turn," this is on US 1 NB at the corresponding U-turn back to US 1 SB (and CT 110).

SB (formerly WB) on US 1 and then on the onramp mini-freeway at I-95 Exit 34.

From US 1 SB, the very beginning of the Milford Parkway, as well as two cool shields for CT 15's Parkways. This could be the only mention of the Milford Pkwy. by name.

From the Connecticut Post Mall, off I-95 Exit 39, this new sign is hopefully only here for construction, since at least this half of US 1 was turned north-south a few years ago.

SB at that same Exit 39.

Coming close to RIDOT at the east end of CT 162, if only the US 1 shield had a "U.S." in it. These are NB (2 photos) and SB in West Haven.

I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange construction (some photos from US 1)
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