Connecticut Roads - CT 9 (proposed I-291)/I-84/US 6 stack - Overpasses

CT 9 (proposed I-291)/I-84/US 6 interchange
South Road and SB-EB flyover ramp overpasses

1969 was at the end of the freeway-building era and the beginning of the freeway revolt, so it's a fitting date for the lengthy South Rd. bridge that anticipated much more traffic underneath it than ever materialized.

Looking near and far from South Rd. along the proposed I-291 northbound lanes, facing north toward the stack interchange in the distance of the second photo.

Again looking north toward the stack, first near and then far (the power of zoom!), but this time along the southbound lanes.

Looking toward the southbound lanes of proposed I-291, which becomes the asphalt in the foreground and ends at a giant mound. In the background is where the I-84 ramps to I-291 would have come in, and is now where mainline CT 9 joins the original I-291 alignment.

Looking straight down at the south side of the bridge, where the concrete of the southbound lanes gets covered by asphalt. I guess the only reason the asphalt was laid at all is so that CTDOT can build useless dirt mounds in the middle of the median.

Now onto the flyover ramp, looking northward down the SB offramp toward the northern end of the SB lanes.

The retaining wall along the ramp.

The SB offramp divides toward I-84 EB (left) and WB (right); photos will follow the left branch up onto the stack.

Climbing the ramp, with the blurry stack overpass bridge in the distance of the second photo.

Looking back down the SB-EB ramp toward the divergence of the SB offramp.

Finally! Atop the mighty four-level I-84/CT 9 stack, with active traffic (NB-WB) on the roadway to the right.

The crown jewel among all of the stack photos I have. The top level SB-EB ramp continues in the right background of this photo, into the trees and down toward the unopened merge with the I-84 EB ramp from CT 9 NB. On the third level, the ramp in the foreground would have been EB-NB, and the ramp in the background carries WB-SB traffic from I-84 to CT 9. Notice that the guiderail is only missing from the unopened ramps (as I noted on another page). Below that, from left to right in this photo are the unopened SB (foreground) and NB (background) lanes of I-291, and you can see a peek of the NB bridge railing underneath the third level of the stack. Finally, behind that peek of railing is the bottom level, I-84 (eastbound is toward the back/top of the photo).

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