Connecticut Roads - CT 9 (proposed I-291)/I-84/US 6 stack - NB/SB

CT 9 (proposed I-291)/I-84/US 6 interchange
I-291 NB and SB


Guiderail sticks out of the mud, proving that this highway was ready to open if ever extended northward.

Looking southward toward the South Rd. overpass.

Continuing north to the second level of the stack, where these gates, I'm told, are left perenially open so that CTDOT vehicles can pass.

Across the bridge and looking south.

More north-facing photos, continuing away from the stack.

Turning around and looking back southward. As you can see, I-291 would have curved westward to avoid West Hartford and Bloomfield.

And now looking straight down at what appears to be a shoulder stripe painted on the lanes. There's no other evidence of lane striping in these photos, so I don't know if I'm looking at authentic side striping for I-291, paint testing done at a later date, or some other effect.

The end of the NB lanes; the ramps from I-84 would have entered from the right, and Middle Rd./Tunxis Rd. is just over the mound and past the trees.

Starting down the SB lanes, with a shot of the SB offramp that splits to I-84 EB and WB. To follow that ramp, scroll down to the SB-EB ramp link at the bottom of the page - but first look at the rest of these photos!

Looking up the southbound lanes at their northern end. There's an asphalt crossover to the NB lanes here, which makes sense because there would otherwise be no way to access the SB lanes (the main entrance appears to be a gate on the I-84 WB to CT 9 SB ramp that leads to the WB-NB onramp).

Continuing southward to the stack, where you can see that much of the steel guiderail has been stolen from the unopened SB-EB ramp. In NJ, they're bold enough to steal the rail from active roadways, but apparently not in CT.

Passing through the stack and looking northward.

Finally, heading south toward the South Road overpass and then to the very end of the southbound lanes, where you can see the signs from CT 9 SB. As I noted on the South Rd. overpass page (link below), the SB lanes turn into asphalt here to allow maintenance vehicles a place to play.
Onto the South Rd. and SB-EB flyover ramp overpasses
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