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Misc. photos

As Misc. as it gets, seen in Bennington, VT at the 2009 Moosefest but definitely a CT sign.

Lake St. northbound in Coventry; the lake is behind the historic graveyard (with the monument and cannon) on the west side of the road. When it gets to Main St., CT 31 is on that road and CT 275 begins straight ahead.

Speaking of lakes, let's throw a 19th-century stone arch in the mix, across a flooded Mianus Pond (teehee) and River in Greenwich. The bridge is for Palmer Hill Rd., leaving Valley Rd. to the east. This was during regional flooding, so Mianus was wetter than usual. (Do not read this caption aloud in mixed company.)

CT 42 WB turns right from Brooksvale Rd. to Bethany Mountain Rd. in Brooksvale.

It's somewhat old, but it's also wrong, and there are enough of this type of shield in CT to make me wonder who smoked what when.

Just like on CT 77, CT 79 has a unique gold on blue color scheme for commuter parking. Just like on 77, this NB sign is for a lot inside the I-95 interchange ramps, except this is in Madison instead of Guilford.

Going Massachusetts-style, ConnDOT forgets the black square around its shield, the correct numeral size, and any semblance of proper sign layout.

The other, more common, way that ConnDOT goes Massachusetts-style.

Pages Cove, along CT 142.

CT 147/157 NB break up in Middlefield; the second photo is on the far left corner of the intersection.

More old shields. The latter two are at Northfield Rd. in Thomaston and the first WB shield on CT 317.

Old shield where the Berlin Turnpike ends and CT 314 turns off of it. (The original turnpike from New Haven to Hartford continues straight ahead as Maple Ave.)

Back to CT 337 EB, this is how ConnDOT used to sign curves, with a larger arrowhead and maybe just a bit less curvature than the MUTCD standard.

Secret CT 513, Bridge St., WB at Thrall Ave. in Suffield.

The highest-numbered state highway represented on this page, this is secret CT 539, Mountain Rd. toward East Hartland, WB in the fall.

In the western CT hinterlands. Interesting way to save on speed limit signs, by providing two signs' worth of information in one.

Milo Coe Rd., in the Hartland wilderness, crosses the border, loses its pavement, and becomes West Hartland Rd. in Massachusetts.

Left: Unusual, old, faded No Parking sign in Middletown. Right: Cats'-eye railroad sign from the CT Trolley Museum in East Windsor.

As old as it gets in the field, this is on Stub Hollow Rd. SB in New Hartford. Based on my edits to the second photo, the post is tilted exactly 12 degrees.
The signs below are courtesy Michael Summa and are all historic. I'll provide dates where they're known, otherwise assume 1970's.

Signs with no identifying information, and you won't see them anymore, either because the standards have changed (i.e. town lines are white on green, and arrows are curvier) or because the message is no longer used (do not coast?). The black/white photos are from 1970 or 1971, based on Michael's other CT photos.

Both on former CT 136 in Westport, both taken in 1976, both featuring signs dating to the 1950's. Back when the speed limit went in the middle of the sign, curves were either less or more curvy than the standard, and wood was an acceptable medium.

These two photographs both supposedly date to 1975, although I suspect the B&W photo is older than that. The second photo is in Sherman. Again, these wooden signs date to the 1950's; the pentagon shape featured in a number of CT signs, but is in none of them anymore.
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