Connecticut Roads - I-95

It's understandable why CT would sign the Connecticut Turnpike back in 1970, as per Michael Summa's photo above, but why is I-95 still referred to by that name? It used to be tolled, but those were removed long ago. Good thing, as traffic frequently moves at 40 MPH or below during midday (non-rush hour) times. You won't see any references to the CT Turnpike on today's signage, even though it still technically runs from Greenwich to Killingly via I-395 toward US 6, ending at the Rhode Island border.

The Fairfield West service area
I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange construction

NB through Bridgeport (Exits 2-26)
NB through New Haven (Exits 27-48)
NB through RI (Exits 49+)

SB through New Haven (Exits 49+)
SB through Bridgeport (Exits 48-27)
SB through NY (Exits 26-2)

Cross streets and non-directional photos

Courtesy Michael Summa, from either 1969 or 1970, before the NMSL (National Mandated Speed Limit) of 55 MPH was enacted. I-95 will never see 60 again, at least west of New Haven where it's still 55.

Follow I-95 into NY
Follow I-95 into RI
I-95 on Steven Anderson's
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