Connecticut Roads - I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange - 2011/US 1

I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange (and US 1) - 2011 photos

March 2011

Seen from Long Wharf Dr. EB, the 95 NB-34 WB flyover ramp has a good amount of concrete poured. It's probably in the process of setting, because all of the formwork is still up.

The future CT 34 EB ramp to I-95 NB seen from Long Wharf Dr. and US 1 NB, up to where it will merge into I-95. In the second photo, the ramp in the background to the left is the 95 NB-34 WB flyover.

Continuing east on US 1 NB and looking over at the future cable-stayed and approach piers for the I-95 Quinnipiac River bridge. It will cross US 1 in East Haven before rejoining the upgraded I-95 alignment through the city. Work appears to be starting to take away the I-95 NB shoulder and extend the piers for that tie-in.
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