Connecticut Roads - I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange - 2010

I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange - 2010 photos

August 2010

I-95 NB at the future flyover ramp to CT 34 WB. The deck is in the process of being set up for concrete pours.

Looking back south at that flyover ramp from the I-91/95 split.

The future bridge across the Quinnipiac River takes shape in front of the recently rebuilt (2002) US 1 Tomlinson Lift Bridge.
November 2010

Not much visible change from beneath the 95 NB-34 WB flyover ramp, seen from the CT 34 EB ramp to I-95 NB. The second photo looks west back toward I-95 SB.

This is a huge pile of dirt that will disappear later. It's known as a "surcharge," and the idea is to force the soil underneath to settle so that when the future I-95 roadway is constructed over this area, there won't be any settlement of the road surface or subgrade.

Right now, the CT 34 EB ramp heads to the left to merge into current I-95, but in the future it will continue on a straighter path to merge into I-95 NB along with the ramp from I-91 SB.

I-95 NB past its future roadways and onramps to the future cable-stayed bridge piers. There will be separate cables on each side of the bridge, whereas other bridges just use one set of cables in the middle.

The future eastern abutment of the bridge. I should say "northern" because of the way I-95 is signed, but that would be geographically inaccurate.
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