Connecticut Roads - I-91 SB - North of Hartford

, Exits 49-33

Ending on the Exit 38 ramp.

The last two signs are on the left and right respectively of the same gantry; the HOV lanes are close to ending, but you'll have to click the link below and keep heading south on I-91 to find where they actually end.

Continue south on I-91 SB
Over to the NB lanes
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Back into Massachusetts on I-91
Exit 49, 46, or 44 to US 5
Exit 47 to CT 190
Exit 45 to CT 140
Exit 42 or 34 to CT 159
Exit 40 to CT 20
Exit 38 to CT 75
Exit 37 to CT 305
Exit 36 to CT 178
Exit 35B to CT 218
Exit 35A to I-291
To I-84
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