Connecticut Roads - I-91 NB - New Haven-Hartford

, Exits 1-32

The last photo is the ramp for Exit 22 to CT 9.

The distance to the exit should be above the EXIT ↓ ONLY tab, not inside it. The yellow and black A points the way to the A route, which acts as an alternate for I-91 around Hartford. It follows CT 3 to CT 2 to I-84 back to I-91, but it's very useful for I-91 to I-84 to Massachusetts traffic as well (and there's quite a bit of that, due to this being the best NYC-Boston route). The last three photos are on the ramp for Exits 25-26. The I-91 shield, which replaced the "A" detour, is misleading because it looks like it's directing traffic to use Exit 26 - it should really be straight regardless of the fact that the Exit 25 ramp (the left fork) curves gently right.

Traffic from I-91 NB to I-84 EB generally uses this ramp, as opposed to the A route from above. There is even a third chance to go that way, coming up, which involves exiting at Trumbull Street and turning right. That would put you directly onto I-84, rather than following the remnant of CT 15, the Wilbur Cross Highway, over the Charter Oak Bridge to its demise at I-84.

The exit for the Capitol Area is unsigned, but it leads to a mile-long freeway under one very old bridge and a couple of newer ones. Because of that old bridge, trucks can't use this exit, although had the freeway been completed west to I-84 it probably would have passed lower under the bridge. This freeway, the Whitehead Highway, would have been I-484. Visit the link at the bottom of this page for more.

Exits 32A-B are separated from mainline I-91 by a median, although the lanes are given the opportunity to merge back in afterward. This is the only time I've seen a left-hand C-D road; the reason the exits don't leave directly from the mainline is probably because CTDOT didn't want traffic to slow down in the left through lane.

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Exit 21 to CT 372
Exit 22 to CT 9
Exit 25 to CT 3
Exit 28 or 29 to CT 15
Exit 28 or 29 to US 5
Exit 29 or 32 to I-84
Exit 29A to the Whitehead Highway (proposed I-484)
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