Connecticut Roads - I-91

Will RIDOT's non-cutout Interstate shields claim another state?

CT 99 NB, original CT 9, at and just past I-91 Exit 24, which you can see on the bottom of the second sign. The town line is Rocky Hill to the south and Wethersfield to the north.

NB, Exits 1-32
NB, Exits 33-49

SB, Exits 49-33
SB, Exits 32-1

I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange construction
CT 220 WB at Exit 48.

A pair of Hartford signs. The first is on Columbus Blvd. SB in Hartford, one of the last pentagonal airport signs left in the state, leading to I-91 NB. The second is on Asylum St. EB in Hartford, former CT 4, located over I-84 WB with the EB I-84 lanes about to pass over Asylum St. in turn. Yup, crazy (like an asylum - HA!). Asylum St. is I-84 Exit 48, by the way. This shield appears to be 18"x24", a variant of the original 18"x18" size that appears to be common around New England.

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