Connecticut Roads - I-84/US 6/44

and I-84/US 6/44
Above: Taken in 1982 by Michael Summa in ConnDOT's Torrington maintenance yard. Meant for a BGS, not standalone mounting.

The Bulkeley Bridge (I-84/US 6/44), built as the Connecticut River Bridge from 1904 to 1908 under the presidency (of the bridge commission) of Morgan Gardner Bulkeley. He was also Hartford mayor, CT governor, and US senator. The approaches on either side were built as Connecticut Boulevard, which is still US 44 to the east but has been taken over by the depressed freeway and frontage roads on the Hartford side.

The links below are for I-84 and I-84/US 6, because I-84 was originally conceived as the US 6 freeway until Interstate funding kicked in. US 44's only involvement is at the Bulkeley Bridge, featured on this page.

EB to Waterbury (Exits 1-20)
EB, Waterbury to Hartford (Exits 21-43)
EB, Hartford and east (Exit 44 to MA)

WB to Hartford (MA to Exit 44)
WB from Hartford to Waterbury (Exits 43-21)
WB, west of Waterbury (Exits 20-1)

Intersecting roads
The Exit 39A interchange with CT 9/unbuilt I-291

The plaque commemorating Bulkeley's bridge. Yes, I got you a closeup, and it's on the Hartford Meet page.

Walking west across the Bulkeley Bridge's south sidewalk (there is no longer one on the north side, which makes the plaque to the right of the links hard to photograph across 100 feet and eight lanes of traffic), looking east and then jumping out into traffic for a look at the second plaque on the southwest parapet of the bridge. I again have a closeup of this sign, and it's again on the Hartford Meet page.

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Onto US 44 alone

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