Connecticut Roads - Whitehead Hwy. (I-484 stub)

I-484 stub, Whitehead Highway
Secret CT 598

I-484 was proposed to run from I-91 Exit 29A westward through the heart of Hartford, connecting to I-84 at the Exit 48 ramps to Asylum St. and Capitol Ave. Only half of it was constructed, ending in the Pulaski Circle at Elm St. and Jewell St., and that half predated the Interstate system by a dozen years (opened in 1945). Had I-484 been completed, the ancient low-clearance underpasses along the Whitehead Highway would have been replaced.

A loop around the Pulaski Circle, starting and ending at the Whitehead Highway. Some shields are older than others, and none get the "91" centered in the shield.

Far and near shots of the beginning of the Whitehead Highway, which snakes underneath an ancient overpass that once crossed a stream.

Virtual drive of the Whitehead Highway eastbound.

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