Connecticut Roads - I-291 EB/WB

I-291 EB/WB

The open part of I-291, the northern leg of the proposed beltway (see main page, link at bottom, for more), runs between I-84 and I-91. It includes the Connecticut River bridge that was opened as CT 291 well before the rest of the existing freeway was constructed.

Eastbound button copy; the first sign is for Exit 3. Exit 4 is also the beginning of CT 30 but you see no mention of it here.

We pause in this westbound progression to bring you something special (on the Exit 3 ramp): a 3-digit state highway shield. There's one on CT 218 itself just west of here (click on the link at the bottom of this page), but almost no other one in Connecticut. I of course except Interstate shields from this rule.

Finishing up the westbound signs; the Exit 1 ramps pass under Matianuck Avenue in an overpass designed for a multilane beltway, not a two-lane ramp. That ramp, the I-291 corridor, ends in the trees about half a mile to the west.

And, following the ramp, the western end of anything one might call I-291.

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