Connecticut Roads - CT 9 SB - Exits 30-17

CT 9 SB - Exits 30-17

That sign is meant for the whole freeway, but is located way to the right on the Exit 30 onramp.

It's odd that any exit would point to I-84, since CT 9 just came from there (at a full stack interchange with abandoned ramps - CT 9 was meant to be part of I-291 as a beltway around Hartford - see link at bottom). However, CT 72 to CT 9 to I-91 back up to CT 15 is considered a bypass for I-84 through Hartford. Again, I'm not sure why it would be signed SB.

That schmutz is on the sign, not the windshield. Sorry, I just corrupted the Yiddish-speaking children of the world.

Just like the corresponding northbound sign (way down by Exit 2), this one has some disproportionate button copy for no good reason.

Wait a minute, what's this? Yes, not only is there a cross street on a freeway, but it's unsignalized! In addition to CT 9 having traffic signals through Middletown, a condition that may eventually be fixed but not in the foreseeable future, the residents of the two streets named here have what amounts to their own private driveway onto the highway, with the tacit exit number 17. Miller and Bridge Streets do not connect to any other streets in Middletown. I think they should at least get a traffic signal, because as low-traffic as they might be, it can be a mite disruptive to have traffic pulling across three high-speed lanes to try to head toward Hartford during rush hour.

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