Connecticut Roads - CT 9 NB - Exits 18-32

- Exits 18-32

CT 99 is the northern old alignment of CT 9, CT 154 being the southern one.


Exit 22 is incomplete, due to CT 9 following so closely to the south side of CT 372 in the vicinity of the Berlin Turnpike (US 5/CT 15), so NB-NB traffic must use CT 372. Most NB-NB traffic would be using I-91 toward Hartford at Exit 20, so this arrangement seems to work well.

Down the ramp for the aforementioned Exit 22.

The last photo is on Exit 24, a connector to CT 372. It's technically SR 571 on the Connecticut route logs, and was once part of CT 72.

Mr. Shevchenko doesn't get much mileage for his name; CT 9 between 72 and I-84 was built separately from the rest (9 took over part of the CT 72 freeway to the south), and that's what is named here.

And already, the Expressway has a new name.

The asphalt turns to concrete, and the median is getting wider. Yes, this is where the CT 9 mainline goes onto its final ramp, but the wide median exists because the 9 freeway was intended to continue on as the I-291 beltway. In fact, the interchange is a full stack, and the uppermost ramps (as well as the CT 9 mainline) are unused and gated. To see more of this abandoned interchange, click on the link below.

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