Connecticut Roads - CT 9 NB - Exits 1-16

CT 9 NB - Exits 1-16

First exit NB from I-95.

Ramp sign at that exit. Black on white signs are at least 40 years old, and precious few still exist anywhere in the state (the only other examples I know of are by the Merritt Parkway). In fact, precious few still exist anywhere in the country. Exit 1 is in Old Saybrook, and this leads to Essex Road. Why that's special is addressed on the US 1 page, specifically the former Old Saybrook-Old Lyme bridge page. I am guessing from these first two photos that Essex Road began at the original Old Post Road (whose old alignment merges with Essex Rd. just before that old bridge would have begun), and continues northward as old Route 9 toward Essex.

Not only mixed case, but mixed-up font sizes.

For all of the Exit 3 BGS's, the sign and shield outlines are the original button copy, but all of the text and numerals have been replaced with reflective lettering. Very odd, especially in certain lighting conditions, and only found on the NB side.

Stopping in Middletown, the signalized/expressway section of CT 9.

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