Connecticut Roads - CT 372

CT 372 is old CT 72.

So what better way to start the page than WB where the old 72 meets the current 72. The striping and signage on CT 372 are fully prepared for the completion of the new CT 72 expressway to the west, changing just one arrow and one yellow stripe. The new road needs one more layer of pavement, some stripes, and some signs. CT 372 will not be extended on the former route of 72, which reverts to town maintenance (as it should, given its local function).

Assorted WB frippery. These linetacular shields are similar to those in Vermont and probably come from a particular sheeting supplier. Either the supplier or the sheeting disappeared in the 1970s. The strange font on the CT 177 shield appeared and disappeared in the late 1980s to early 1990s, by my estimate.

The WB railroad sign is awesome. The EB sign is ordinary.

Signs on intersecting roads, from Pine St. WB (secret CT 536), Cooke St. SB, and exiting the Motor Vehicle Department. Click on the first photo for a closeup of the "rusty" CT 72 shield.

The first style is so, so right and the other three are so, so wrong. The wide one just needs to be made narrow, and the Mass. style is becoming unfortunately more common, but someone tell me where Connecticut found a rounded square with strange lines on the edges?

Mixed up in there is a strangely (and incorrectly) laid out WB intersection advance sign at a shopping center.

EB at CT 72, where the old road crosses the new road.

WB up to the same area. With the pattern on all four sides, this looks like it was made in a similar way to that other odd shield above.

Hyphens are principally the domain of New Hampshire, but CT gets into the act on the short CT 372 WB concurrency.

CT 372 EB has no such concurrency because it heads to the right here. To the left is divided, secret CT 571, leading straight into CT 9 SB. This part of 9 was originally planned and opened as the CT 72 freeway, back when I-291 was intended to encircle Hartford. In fact, if you look really closely, you'll see the outline of a square offset from the 9. Look even closer, by the SOU in South, and you might see the scar of another word. The sign was originaly for "72 EAST"! Now, CT 571 is the through highway, and CT 372 WB turns right and left onto it so that there's only one intersection instead of two in a row.

Looking east from CT 71.

Wrong typeface, or just stretched? Can't tell. WB.

CT 372 westbound, including traffic from CT 9 north that is heading to US 5/CT 15 north.

CT 372 turns left here at Worthington Ridge in Berlin, but traffic at this unusual split interchange has many options. CT 9 SB interchanges with US 5/CT 15, while CT 9 NB interchanges with CT 372, so there are all sorts of devices to get traffic from one road to the other.

If you go straight toward CT 9 SB from CT 372 EB, you get this fuzzy jughandle sign for CT 9 SB and US 5/CT 15 SB, because the ramp from CT 372 joins the SB jughandle from 5/15 to 9 SB.

Crossing CT 9 and turning again onto Mill St.

The reverse (WB) movement at the same location.

Worthington Ridge NB at this general location. CT 372 EB comes from the left and heads straight, for reference.

EB where CT 372 meets CT 9 again, this time without the company of US 5/CT 15, at Exit 19.

WB, same place.

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