Connecticut Roads - CT 3

Please delete the Helvetica 3 from these shields on CT 287 EB.

MA shields on a CT duplex.

Northbound from the beginning of the freeway to the end, crossing the Putnam Bridge and following the A route until the last possible moment. The A route continues on CT 2 WB and bypasses the most congested parts of I-91, CT 15, and I-84. There are older TO NORTH/SOUTH 2 shield assemblies at the wye in the last photo, but they appear to have recently been replaced, just like the "A" shield in the gore was replaced with an I-91 shield (but not the arrow). The freeway was once planned to continue northeast from here as I-491, tying into the most complicated possible area where I-84 meets I-291 and I-384. Now that would have been a great bypass.

Choose the ramp on the right, get the first sign. Choose the ramp on the left, get the second sign.

Reversing the A route and traversing the CT 3 freeway southbound. I know Connecticut is big on state-name shields but that detour shield doesn't deserve it.

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