Connecticut Roads - CT 2 EB to Exit 16

CT 2 EB, Exit 16 and west

The very first button copy on CT 2 EB, still in Hartford, and in fact the first sign at all on the route.

Before we get started, I'll make a note on the first photo (to allow an uninterrupted run). I-84, despite its exit number, is signed as the through route, and CT 2 EB, the technical through route, seems like a left exit. This is because most people crossing the Founders Bridge (CT 2 begins at its western base) are heading out of Hartford toward I-84 EB and its suburban sprawl.

Exit 2 is a complicated interchange including US 44, I-84, and CT 2. The ramps into East Hartford, which end at Governor St., were part of a plan to extend I-284 up the east side of the Connecticut River. To see the signs from the stub freeway, follow the I-284 link at the bottom of the page.

Assorted old shields on the bottom of the EB Exit 3 ramp at Darlin St. An I-91 shield is needed, and the CT 2 shield is fairly unnecessary (in addition to being wooden and slowly dying) because anyone seeing it just came off of 2.

Yes, that's Exits 5, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D. I guess ConnDOT decided to add exits in proliferation over this stretch. As you'll see on the WB run (linked below), there are fewer WB exits in this stretch, probably because most traffic is going to or from Hartford, so not only are there fewer Exit 5's, but there's no 6 or 7. Or 9.
CT 2 EB to CT 3 SB is the A route southwest; the A route is the only signed bypass around Hartford, though there are tons of unofficial ones to follow if you can use a map. A takes you from I-91 to CT 3 to CT 2 to I-84, and back to I-91 if you so choose. It's a way to avoid the chronically congested I-91/CT 15 ramp that I-91 NB to I-84 EB traffic otherwise uses, but I-91 through traffic is probably better off staying on the mainline.

CT 2 zigzags between Exits 7 and 8, as CT 17 SB wicks away traffic heading down the east shore of the Connecticut River.

There are a couple of these unique slow-vehicle lane signs on CT 2, and I have not seen them on any other Connecticut highway.

For some reason, CT 2 refers to its old alignment as Business Route, instead of Main St. (in this case) or other street names.

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Exit 2 to I-84
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Exit 2, unbuilt I-284
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