Connecticut Roads - CT 187/CT 189

CT 187 and CT 187/189

SB from Walsh St. in Blue Hills one intersection south.

One SB and one NB, the latter leaving CT 305.

In my humble opinion, the best signs on this page are on the SB CT 187/189 concurrency. Wide shields and button copy? Unheard of!

That area also features the bypassed Tariffville Rd. alignment. The access heads north from the southern CT 187/189 junction, and I then look right (SB) and left (NB) along the old two-lane that's now just a tractor path in someone's farm.

If you come from the south, there's no "Road Closed to Thru Traffic" to stop you heading north to where normal people join the alignment at Griffin Rd.

Top and bottom of Griffin Rd. EB at Tariffville Rd. The old alignment photos come in from the right and you can see traffic is allowed to go left. Tariffville Rd. becomes old CT 189 from here, and old CT 187 splits north on Tunxis Ave. Extension.

Follow old CT 187 and it dead-ends at the former Farmington River crossing.

Back to the modern route, SB at CT 20 and then the West Suffield Congregational Church NB at CT 168.

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