CT/RI Roads - CT 184/Old RI 84

CT 184 and Old RI 84

Starting in the east, where CT 184 ends at CT 216, and continues as Extension 184:

WB on Extension 184, barely inside CT, just off I-95 Exit 93.

Looking eastward at the New London Turnpike in Rhode Island, as it peters into the brush. CT 184 runs west to New London - well, almost, as you'll find out - and the rest of the Turnpike is mostly intact in Rhode Island, as it skips its way between routes and makes it all the way to Providence. I-95 took over the function of the Turnpike, and in a few places obliterated the roadway. For a time, I-95 between CT Exit 93 and RI Exit 1 laid its southbound lanes on RI/CT 84 (this was before I-84 forced the renumbering), with the NB lanes where the current SB lanes are. The interesting fact about this is that this was four-lane divided arterial, intersecting Gray Lane at grade. Once I-95 was finished in RI, the SB Exit 1 onramp took the place of the Turnpike, leaving a stub at the end of CT 184 and:

These tile bridge markers, still on a concrete bridge on old RI 84, showing clear state maintenance of this road even when it was known by name more than number.

Jumping westward, we arrive in Groton, CT 184 EB just after leaving I-95.

Now southwest of I-95 on the former CT 184; the I-95 interchange has even left abandoned pieces of 184 in the grass. Gotta love the Massachusetts shields. By love, I don't mean love.

WB at the last chance to get onto I-95/US 1 SB. This is also where the original New London Turnpike came in from the east-northeast and turned onto Bridge Street.

Original 2.5di shield, New England style, eastbound on old CT 184 a little west of the MA assembly above. Click for closeup.

New I-95 shield, but wow CT 184 shield, which must date from the renumbering of CT 184 from CT 84. This is opposite Fairview Ave. just east of the Thames River and the former crossing, which was probably open when this shield was erected. That crossing was not CT 184, however...

...since CT 184 ended at this YELLOW YIELD SIGN. Yup, US 1 used to circumnavigate the mulberry bush that is Groton, came up the river on Thames Street, and bore left onto Bridge Street (which is what former CT 184 is here). Since the US route takes priority over the named street, Bridge St./184 WB traffic yielded to US 1 WB (now SB) traffic. Of course, with no bridge anymore, there's no traffic to yield to, unless you count a small stub of the old road. Since that stub is part of US 1, I highly recommend you continue this story via the US 1 link below.

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