Connecticut Roads - CT 179

The more CT roads I travel, the more I find the wrong font. If you can't tell, it's the right sign on the CT 4 assembly that offends in that photo. Both are SB; CT 179 ends at CT 4.

Town Bridge over the Farmington River, just off CT 179 (here seen NB) on the eponymous road.

Westbound over the Town Bridge, which is aptly town maintained by Canton.

Back east over the bridge, looking south at the river and north at the truss, some trees, and a grassy island. You can almost see the Farmington River there too.

Enjoy some NB signs of the narrow and wide varieties. Bonus accidental MA 179 content here and atop the page. US 44 is not a multiplex here, but it joins US 202 just east of here and it's the next intersection north.

Take a moment to read both NB and SB sides of this lengthy marker.

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