Connecticut Roads - CT 160

All photos eastbound, except the one above leading away from the Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry.

The signs start out old in Rocky Hill. The 1960's (or older) curves are at New Rd./Trinity Ridge and Cronin Rd., which you can see is also the location of the last photo.

At CT 3, the shields switch to the new style that is exactly what Massachusetts uses. Hopefully it becomes an old style soon.

Another old curve sign at Webster Lane, this one super-sized, then a ferry sign that can't make up its mind at CT 99. Yes, the ferry was closed at this time (FERRY NOT RUNNING), but the flip panel on the top sign made its way elsewhere.

At the ferry landing itself. Because of the angle of the sun, this is actually the WB face of the sign. Both faces are the same; I checked.

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