Connecticut Roads - CT 154

CT 154

CT 154 is old CT 9 along the Connecticut River. Because it's an original turnpike, it has a few old alignments of its own. This page shows both old and older, presenting the full 154 experience - at least from CT 82 northward.

I can extend that range just a smidge thanks to Jeremy DeCarli, who provided this photo that I split into two at the end of S. Main Street SB out of Essex. The white guide sign qualifies as "older." Side note: Place names aren't supposed to have apostrophes, per USGS, so "Captain's" is in error.

Southbound button copy at CT 9 Exit 5.

Helvetica, you're so unfine, would you could you please die... ine... never mind. The second NB sign is much better.

The first old alignment is a pair of ruts that goes through someone's backyard, past a garage that once would have been a roadside structure, and then comes out into the bottom half of someone's driveway (the photo with the no trucks sign). Oddly, the driveway half of the road is in worse shape than the closed half. These 9 photos are southbound.

Original button copy and yellow (well, not the original yellow) STOP sign! This is at the top of someone's driveway, and that person taped on the PRIVATE ROAD lettering.

A second old alignment heads northward away from CT 154 and comes to this dead end. It disappears untraceably into the woods, and comes out in the next set of photos.

These photos head south along Park Road to the other end of the untraceable old road.

Staring up at CT 154 from the southern end of the third old alignment.

Traveling that third alignment northward. In the third photo you see a little dirt hump to the left and the road goes to the right. As far as I can tell, the dirt hump is an early alignment of the turnpike that was later smoothed out, well before it was bypassed by the "new" road, now CT 154. Thus, in the fourth photo, my car is on an old alignment of an old alignment of an old alignment.

I was forced to come back out of the third alignment before it rejoins 154, because the top of it turns into a private driveway and gets lost in the woods. Well, right where you come out, this old RR crossing sign sits across 154 from you in a park entrance.

At the tiny roadside Seven Falls, with a cutout attraction sign that I've never seen and a recycled wooden sign forming the back of a No Trashing This Park sign (not exact wording). For photos of the falls, visit the link below.

The first photo contains an original white sign (possibly predating the construction of CT 9!), and the second points down Aircraft Rd. itself. This is the (unsigned) end of CT 154.

North of Aircraft Rd., old 9 continues unnumbered into Middletown, where it eventually becomes Main Street. These pavement photos are northbound between Aircraft Rd. (CT 9 Exit 10) and the next (Exit 12) onramp to CT 9.

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