Connecticut Roads - US 5/CT 15

: Berlin Turnpike, Wilbur Cross Highway

The last photo is on the top of the ramp, and could use a WEST for CT 372.

The Berlin Turnpike continues straight for another mile or so on CT 314 before ending where 314 turns. Maple Ave. continues perfectly straight into downtown Hartford, the original route of US 5.

The Wilbur Cross Highway northbound. The Highway continues up I-84 all the way to I-90, a relic of when CT 15 went all the way to Massachusetts and the former MA 15, though the name as far as I know never shows up on signage.

At this point, it may as well say EAST I-84 to EAST I-384, because traffic is about to left-merge into the Interstate.

SB at the very beginning of CT 15, along the part of the route used by traffic from I-84 WB to I-91 SB and vice versa. So much traffic wants to use this underpowered freeway that there is a designated bypass route utilizing CT 2 and CT 3 (well, the A route is really for I-91 through traffic, but it serves this purpose too).

These are on the Wilbur Cross Highway just past I-91. After this, the WCH disappears into the Berlin Turnpike for several miles before it turns back into the Wilbur Cross Parkway.

One of a few STOP AHEAD vintage mast arms around CT.

Yes, the JUNCTION sign is over half a mile before CT 9 SB. CT 372 will take you to 9 NB from US 5/CT 15 SB, and handles a few other moves at the 15-5/9 interchange as well.

And thus ends the Berlin Turnpike, as US 5 departs, and begins the Wilbur Cross Parkway (with numbered exits!).
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