Connecticut Roads - CT 10

CT 10 NB begins at the first crowded sign, heading toward the second sign and up through the middle of Connecticut. 10 continues through Massachusetts into New Hampshire, bisecting New England.

Someone got confused when laying out the southbound sign at the southern end of CT 10. I'm sure it didn't look like this when the sign was first put there - maybe CTDOT tried to replace "New Haven" and failed, or maybe the contractor needed to use large type so that the employees could read the plans.

Kimberly Ave. EB at newly born CT 10, entering New Haven. The "N.H.T.A." at the bottom of the sign gives away who erected it decades ago.

CT 34 EB/CT 10 SB at the failed CT 34 freeway - so this road is just fronting a cleared parkland. For more on this story, check the 34 page that I just linked twice.

CT 10 enters Hamden on Fitch St., then uses Arch St. to jog over to Dixwell Ave., its original alignment into the heart of New Haven. As usual, the new sign is wrong, and in multiple ways - it's not an advance turn because it's posted right at the intersection, and the "0" has sides and corners. The paint is already scratching off of a presumably brand-new assembly.

Bonus content, courtesy Doug Kerr, on Hartford Tpk. SB at Davis St. in Hamden (top and bottom respectively). It was removed just days before my visit, which I did as soon as Doug showed me this photo. Both Routes 5A and 10A disappeared in the 1960s.

Dixwell Avenue curves east and CT 10 turns north on Whitney Ave. Dixwell Ave. EB, here, acts as a connector to CT 15 and a shortcut to CT 40, and features a rarely seen classic CT font on top.

CT 10 SB at the beginning of the CT 40 freeway. 10 takes you to CT 15, the Wilbur Cross Parkway, in just one more mile, while 40 crosses over 15 without an interchange and leads to Exit 10 on I-91.

And NB.

Standard state-name shields, NB.

SB and NB just north of I-84 with two different shields.

SOUS (Shield Of Unusual Size), SB in Plainville.

US 202 and CT 10/US 202

Into Massachusetts on 10 (skipping US 202)
Onto I-95
To I-91
Into New Haven
To (regular) US 5
To CT 15
Onto CT 40
Onto I-691
Onto CT 177
Onto CT 372
Unbuilt CT 10 freeway on Steve Anderson's
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